Don Ruzek - Guitar

Guitarist at Phil Profitt and His Fast Fortunes


Going back, in the 80's I was a full time player in the band Motivation with Steve Garvey from the Buzzcocks. Then later joined Ten Ten on guitar and keyboards, recording albums and touring North America and Europe. From 1990, I took time off to raise the kids. Then in 2015 started playing, writing and recording again. Joined the original rock band Madly and was back into live gigs. Then joined British Rock coverband SHAG and played shows across the DC Metro area. (photo) Currently guitarist for Phil Profitt and His Fast Fortunes, Ameripolitan music from Detroit.


Main guitars: Stratocaster, Telecaster, Explorer, 335, Baritone (electric), Rickenbacker 620/12, Breedlove acoustic 6 string, Taylor acoustic 12 string, Epiphone Lap Steel. Amps: Boogie 5:25 w MESA 1x12 V30, Marshall DSL 50 w Reeves 2x12, Fender Deluxe, Boss Katana (solid state). Effects: Too many to list, effect from Strymon, ZVEX, EHX, Boss, ProCo, Ibanez, and more


"X Paths" EP (in progress)

Music project I'm hoping to finish this year, 2020. X Paths is a collection of instrumental songs that share 3 themes. Progressive-influenced rock. Finishing the arrangements, performances, and then taking to Tempermill studios for final tracking, mixing and mastering. View Project Webpage


Ten Ten